1950s dating etiquette

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Early examples include the Royal Marriages Act in Britain (1772), the Pragmatic Sanction in Spain (Mar 23, 1776), the Regie Patenti in the kingdom of Sardinia (Sep 7, 1780 and Jul 16, 1782), the French imperial family statute (1806), the Russian Pauline laws (1820), etc. More »

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For instance, in Windows, try the System or Courier New font. It has seemed to me that one who writes at such close range, while recollection is still fresh, has a special opportunity to record the fads and fashions and follies of the time, the things which millions of people thought about and talked about and became excited about and which at once touched their daily lives: and that he may prudently leave to subsequent historians certain events and policies, particularly in the field of foreign affairs, the effect of which upon the life of the ordinary citizen was less immediate and may not be fully measurable for a long time. Mark Sullivan for what he has done in the successive volumes of Our Own Times to develop this method of writing contemporary history.) Naturally I have attempted to bring together the innumerable threads of the story so as to reveal the fundamental trends in our national life and national thought during the nineteen-twenties. If time were suddenly to turn back to the earliest days of the Postwar Decade, and you were to look about you, what would seem strange to you? More »

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