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At the same time, I’ve also met a couple of Defenders who have frankly admitted that occasionally, they are handed evidence about a marriage which is so obviously invalid that they have difficulty finding argument in support of its validity!Sometimes they more or less end up agreeing that all the evidence indicates that a particular marriage is invalid.Q: Why does it take so long for people who request marriage annulments to get them?I know a couple of different people who have been waiting for an answer for over a year! One of them is really anxious for an answer soon because he wants to get married to somebody else in the Church, and he can’t do that without the annulment.Offhand, this may sound like some bizarre procedural quirk that is designed to make the experience unduly complicated.But in reality, the purpose of the Defender is to make sure that the opposing side of the argument is always heard, in favor of the marriage (which explains his title, for he is the defender of the marriage bond).Naturally, their back-and-forth discussion adds time to the process.

When any sacrament is conferred, the presupposition is always that what we Catholics believe is taking place, is really taking place!Their purpose is to determine objectively, so far as humanly possible, whether a sacrament was administered validly, or not.The process may sound complex and drawn-out already, but we’re actually just getting started.If, at the end of a process, a marriage is found to be valid, nothing else needs to be done and the matter may end there, unless the petitioning spouse wants to try to press the matter further.But if a marriage tribunal finds that a particular marriage was null, the entire dossier of the proceedings is sent to the marriage tribunal of diocese.

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Therefore the idea that something went wrong at the time the sacrament was celebrated is not to be taken lightly.

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