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Chaldean dating site

There are also Chaldean communities in California, Phoenix and Nevada, and a large Assyrian community in Chicago.What inspired you to start the Chaldean Chamber and the Chaldean Community Foundation?A photocopied note found about eight to 10 feet from the victim read, “This is my country.Go back to yours, terrorist,” leading investigators to initially believe Alawadi’s killing may have been a hate crime, Mechals said.After his wife was taken to the hospital, Alhimidi asked relatives “what do you think will happen if she wakes up and says I hit her? The couple’s children said they never saw their father act violently toward their mother, Berkon said.Alhimidi and his wife had separated once before, in 2004-2005, but got back together, the attorney said.

With the influx of New Americans you can see a lot of Chaldean owned business opening up in Macomb County.Chaldeans are Eastern Rite Catholics who have their own patriarch in Baghdad with the Pope being the highest authority.Chaldeans speak Aramaic, which is the oldest continuous language in the world and the language spoken by Jesus Christ.The largest Chaldean Catholic Church, for example, is in Shelby Township and we also have a church in Sterling Heights and in Warren.We recently built the Chaldean Community Foundation facility at 15 Mile and Ryan to help acculturate the New Americans.

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We have also had a large influx of New Americans to this region due to the Iraq War and its consequences, thus the launch of the Chaldean Community Foundation to help these individuals become self-sustaining, productive members of society.

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