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From these sprang the parochial schools of medieval and modern times.

As the conflict between Christianity and pagan philosophy gave rise to the catechetical schools, so the more general struggle between Christian and pagan standards of life gave rise to other provisions on the part of the Church for safeguarding the faith of Christian children.

The explicit enactment of the Council of Vaison (529) in this matter is important because it refers to a similar custom already prevailing in Italy.

It remains true, however, that although the episcopal and presbyteral (parochial) schools thus contributed to the education of the laity, the chief portion of the burden of lay education in the early Middle Ages was borne by the monasteries.

At the same time episcopal schools, though instituted primarily for the education of clerical candidates, did not decline to admit secular scholars, especially after the State schools of the empire had fallen into decay.

There were parochial schools also, which, while they aimed at fostering vocations to the priesthood, were expressly commanded not to deny their pupils the right to enter the married state as soon as they reached the age of maturity ( cum ad œtatem perfectam pervenerint ).

In Christian theology, the seraphim occupy with the cherubim the highest rank in the celestial hierarchy, while in the liturgy (Te Deum; Preface of the Mass) they are represented as repeating the Trisagion exactly as in Isaiah 6 . All materials contained on this site, whether written, audible or visual are the exclusive property of Catholic Online and are protected under U. and International copyright laws, © Copyright 2018 Catholic Online.

Whenever there is positive and immediate danger of loss of faith, the Church cannot allow her children to run the risk of perversion; whenever religion is left out of the curriculum, she tries to supply the defect.While he stood gazing before the priest's court, there arose before him an august vision of Yahweh sitting on the throne of His glory.On each side of the throne stood mysterious guardians, each supplied with six wings: two to bear them up, two veiling their faces, and two covering their feet, now naked, as became priestly service in the presence of the Almighty.Truths which are not of their nature spiritual, truths of science, of history, matters of culture — in a word, profane learning — these do not belong intrinsically to the programme of the Church's teaching.Nevertheless, they enter into her work by force of circumstance, when, namely, the Christian youth cannot attain a knowledge of them without incurring grave danger to faith or morals.

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Still less probable are the views propounded of late by certain critics and connecting the Biblical seraphim with the Babylonian Sharrapu , a name for Nergal, the fire-god, or with the Egyptian griffins ( séréf ) which are placed at Beni-Hassan as guardians of graves.