Dating regulations

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As participants in child nutrition programs (CNPs) the varied dates can make it difficult to know which donated products to serve first. Why It Matters Donated foods can be key in menu planning for many across the country.

It is our responsibility to maintain program integrity by serving the safest food possible.

Why It Matters Ask any young child if they like animal and graham crackers and their response will certainly be an enthusiastic yes.

The increased flexibility for breastfeeding mothers (both expressed milk and feeding on-site) supports both mothers and strengthens our program.

Realizing the significant burden placed on providers if they had to calculate sugar, satured fats, and other nutritional components of each grain item they served to conclude if the item was allowable or not, USDA instead created categories to define grain-based desserts.

When the final meal pattern revision was published, sweet crackers (including graham and animal crackers), remained consistent with the School Meal Programs designation and were included under grain-based desserts.

Remember, infants do not eat on a set meal schedule, so you must not disallow infant meals for not following the typical meal schedule.

Further clarification is below: Please be sure to refer to the extensive Question and Answer portion of the full text memo.

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