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Dating website trolling motors

As you can see, there are three different types of matches: broad, exact and phrase. Broad match, like the name implies, is going to include pretty much anything related to your search term. I think it might even if mugs was first and coffee was there, that might show up as well. Phrase is going to only return search queries that use the phrase coffee mugs, in that order.For coffee mugs, if somebody typed in what type of coffee should I put into my mugs? Ignoring the fact it’s a ridiculous search to begin with. It’s really going to give you a huge variety of different searches. It will still return some extra things, and some extra queries.Two, they usually convert at a much higher rate than your primary keyword.Because they’re more specific, and if you serve up a page that’s optimized for that term, whether it’s travel coffee mug or personalized coffee mug, you’ll be able to get a much higher conversion rate on there.We can see down here now, coffee mugs, we’ve got 12,000 local monthly searches, which is great.

You want to see once you do get into those long tail variations, they don’t drop off too significantly. You’ve got 3,600, 2,900; you’ve got about six or seven in the thousand range. Again, these are ball park numbers, but you do want to look for those long tail variations.The good news is you’re not going to get the majority of your traffic from this, number one money term, is what I refer to it as, kind of your root term.Where you’re going to get probably 80 to 90% of your traffic, is in the long tail variations of that term. Listed below that, the second highest volume query is personalized coffee mugs with 3600, custom coffee mugs, travel coffee mugs, funny coffee mugs, and these are what I refer to as long tail variations or long tail keywords.The competition in the Google ad network lets you know how many people are bidding for this keyword.The global monthly searches and the local monthly searches, if you’re doing this for e-commerce, you want to focus on the local monthly searches. The most important thing to understand, and probably the biggest mistake people make when using the keyword tool is not understanding how the different match types work.

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They’re just the root keyword obviously with some additional modifiers on there.

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