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ALLSPICE, GINGER, CINNAMON, PAPRIKA, NUTMEG, CLOVER Measures: 13 1/2" L x 3" W x 6"H PLEASE SEE PICS BEFORE BIDDING! Railway modelling (UK, Australia and Ireland) or model railroading (US and Canada) is a hobby in which rail transport systems are modelled at a reduced scale.The oldest society is 'The Model Railway Club' The words scale and gauge seem at first interchangeable but their meanings are different.Scale is the model's measurement as a proportion to the original, while gauge is the measurement between the rails.

It is easier to fit a G scale model into a garden and keep scenery proportional to the trains. 0 (zero) gauge trains, for instance, operate on track too widely spaced in the United States as the scale is accepted as whereas in Britain 0 gauge uses a ratio of 43.5:1 or 7 mm/1 foot and the gauge is near to correct.

This model is DCC Ready and features working lights, magnetic super close coupling system, factory fitted etched nameplates.

The model is in perfect condition and has only been run once or twice on a Kato test track when first purchased.

Probably the largest model landscape in the UK is in the Pendon Museum in Oxfordshire, UK, where an EM gauge (same .2 scale as 00 but with more accurate track gauge) model of the Vale of White Horse in the 1930s is under construction.

The museum also houses one of the earliest scenic models – the Madder Valley layout built by John Ahern.

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