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Bob Berdella, a local fascinated by the occult, had been spending his off hours torturing, sodomizing and murdering young men.

From BBC's Channel 4 comes Crapston Villas, a hilarious claymation series following the raunchy misadventures of residents in London's filthiest project. Volume 3 of "The Best of Tromadance" features over 3 hours of the best short films from the Tromadance Film Festival including Giuseppe Andrews' Dribble, PDA Massacre, Kung Fu Kitties, Monkey Brains, and many more!

Evil if it means pointing a gun at his customers' heads!

A blood-and-thunder horror yarn from the pen of Edgar Wallace, The Door With Seven Locksstars Leslie Banks as a mass murderer with a penchant for puzzles.

Lured into a cannibalistic cult, doe-eyed innocents are transformed into mindless killing machines!

A bumbling detective, along with his loyal sidekick and a man in a dog suit, tracks down a sultry chainsaw murderess! From the Creators of the Killbillies comes Bloodspit, a truly tasteless tale of vampire lust, monstrous mutants and bloodsucking freaks!

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