Gossip girl s5e18 online dating

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Which is why Plenty of Fish, the Craigslist ad of apps, is basically her.

Just like The League she decides who gets let into her inner circle through a pre-screening process.She hates finance bros, but she'll put up with one if he's wealthy enough.Jenny Humphrey with her smoky eye and constant sobbing and screwing up is awfully reminiscent of the dudes who won't stop badgering you on Tinder when you don't respond favorably to "come sit on my face" or lash out at you for writing a Vanity Fair article.He's basically Hinge, which allows people to background check you by getting information from your mutual friends.An app that runs on snitches, just like Gossip Girl. Jack Bass is hot AF and looks like you'll give it to you all night.

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He'd also had some experience playing a heartthrob in John Tucker Must Die, and had a similar role in Easy A opposite Emma Stone while GG was still on the air.