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That was because of "his curiosity about people." which, she says, also rubbed off on her.

Finally, she received her Peace Corps assignment - Morocco - and it was off to that African country for three years, teaching English to high school students in Errachidia, a town of 30,000 people without so much as a stop light, but with plenty of donkeys making their way through the streets. "You were given a textbook, a few laminated visuals and some chalk," she says. In addition, the tribal language of Berber is spoken.

So if she didn't feel a calling, how is it that Bouabdellaoui ended up teaching for 35 years?

She says it happened after she graduated from PHS, then tested out of Spanish and French classes at WMU, where she was a language major, enabling her to finish college in three years.

Her first assignment, as a student teacher, was at Gull Lake High School, which is where Bouabdellaoui finally accepted her fate.

"This is the job I'll have; I'll be a teacher," she says she decided, and since then she has continued to instruct and entertain - most would agree that is a fitting description - students from the front of the classroom.

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"If you wanted to teach you had to leave the state," she says. "It was a small town in the mountains with a lot of kids from the San Carlos Apache Reservation," she says.