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So wonderfully written that one is completely seduced...

Their exchanges shimmer with a highly intelligent sexual charge... It has echoes of Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveller's Wife in its unflinching yet powerfully touching account of the intensities of love and sex.

Schroeder (1991) ,"Two Views of Consumption in Mating and Dating", in NA - Advances in Consumer Research Volume 18, eds. Endless types of markets are available for analysis, yet few are as consequential as those that facilitate finding a lifelong partner.

Along with her sexy sidekick Paco, they’ll answer any and every one of your questions as they offer up outrageously funny "how-to's" on dating, mating and marriage including – how to perfect your kiss (it’s all about lip position), what you should and should not talk about on a date (don’t mention your troll doll collection) and much more.

Miss Abigail is the most sought-after relationship expert to the stars!

Two weeks after doing something very scary: A) Get kicked out of your way-too-expensive second-hand rental contract because the person you were subletting didn't take 10 study points and lost his/her contract for student housing. Name it Sara, Anna, Lisa, or Emma if its a girl.)F) Move to the suburbs and buy a Volvo.

B)Once again, bring up the subject of the horrors of the housing market, this time with an ulterior motive. At some point in the future: A) Maybe, just maybe, get married.

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Frankly, I'm not sure how Sweden would manage to keep up its relatively high birth rate (compared to rest of Europe, at least) without the existence of such things as massive quantities of Carlsberg beer (see, some good things do come out of Denmark) and ferries to Finland that make it possible for Medel Svensson to purchase Absolut at affordable prices.