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Eli Capapas Charlie boy: dili kuno airport ang ihatag nga project kay mga wakwak ray motugpa.

Pantalan kuno kay daghan serena maglangoy-langoy mo-dive pa sa mga coins iitsa.

I’d just like to ask why payroll for government employees in Maasin is constantly delayed. But when payroll day comes, it took him the entire day for his salary to be released.

Flordiliza Timkang Lorzano: Way namention kung natokhang ni.....hopefully ug process like what Gen. sana nxt tym pag malaman may marami nag ka sakit kumilos agad.bisitahin bawat brgy.Note: The following content was emailed or snail-mailed by our readers.Any views or opinions, satire or otherwise expressed herein do not reflect the views/opinions of the Southern Leyte Times as a whole and should be treated as such.Please request the officials in Maasin City not to hire workers if they can’t release their salary on time.Misis Misis : Mao na karon...magpa hilak hilak kay nadakpan naman. Jenita Guinoo: Mao bani xa ang me rape ug mi ptay din gelubung s daplin s baybayon s maasin last year..? Jaysell Loquillano: taga combado man puro na Maxiesam Mazy Meadowtill : Cge jaw mo pangundang anang bisyoha hotot lage mo dli man mo maminaw nga undang namo ana para taas pa ang kinahi ninyo Yhengtot Atienza Bread: Rest in peace kanu!

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Despite this situation, he still goes to work and performs his duties. Why does it take so long for them to process their salary, but so easy and prompt to deduct the cost of their new uniforms?