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The pain sucks but the result is worth it lol …dont you think so ?

😛 I didnt post the before pictures, don’t wanna gross you out hahaha ! 😛 I don’t know if you guys had the chance to check this out, I haven’t made a post about it yet…I haven;t made a post about anything lately, been too busy !

I just added some new sexy galleries of my hot girlfriends from in the free galleries section (scroll down the page for the full list). I’ve always wanted to buy these booties from Bordello, and now thanks to Lion22 I could finally get them hehe.

Zo Zo is the place where I feel home, live sex dolls like.You guys might now that I have a sexy shoes/heels addiction which kinda sucks coz I buy so many shoes, I have soooooo many of them lol.But they make me happy hehe even if some might consider this a form of superficiality.Here is a picture, just in case you forgot me 😀 A few boobies pictures for today, since I screwed up thinking its Thursday in my previous post ( yeah i know i need a vaca) I thought I’d post some boobies to make it up to you guys 😀 Oh and please vote for me in the Miss Free Ones contest by clicking here .You can vote every day, and in many categories 🙂 Thank you.

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Then I just plugged it into my PC and it worked, omg !!