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Onupdating onupdated

The below code accounts for this, and has a while structure to make sure that if the players framerate is very low, it'll still do the updates as many times as is needed.

Private Sub testpage_Init(sender As Object, e As System.

This hook by itself does not prevent a virtual DOM subtree from being generated unless the subtree is encapsulated within a component.

Like in other hooks, the boil down to one large array of items.

Avoid applying the optimization to other areas of your application "just-in-case".

I tried correcting it in $(document).ready and Sys. Page Request Instance().add_end Request‌​(End Request Handler); and they all run before the animation takes place.

This solution also happens to be thread-safe, which is another issue when your code is being run every 0.1 seconds, finished or not.

If you're doing things that require high accuracy in the frequency of the On Update calls, the above code won't be accurate since every time it is called, you will lose milliseconds as the Time Since Last Update variable is reset to 0 (If it was 1.05 seconds since last update, it would take 0.05 more seconds until the next update than it should, assuming that one hits 1.0, otherwise it would be delayed by another 0.05, etc).

For example, it's highly unlikely that a user would ever sift through 5000 rows of raw table data, and highly likely that it would be easier for a user to use a search feature that returns only the top few most relevant items.

If a design-based solution is not feasible, and you must optimize a UI with a large number of DOM element, apply on the parent node of the largest array and re-evaluate performance.

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A DOM element is typically created and appended to the document.