Pond of fish dating muslim women for dating

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Pond of fish dating

Instead of focusing on the downfalls of dating, let us have a look at improving the odds.

And no, that didn’t happen because you aren’t sexy/attractive/awesome enough.Time to take the fish in the sea metaphor to a new level. If you can’t really be bothered the trip and have a small pond outside your place, you will have to realize that the small pond will not have a vast amount of choice.If you manage to catch one fish and don’t like the way it looks, you have a remaining choice of a few fish.You are meeting new people and men whilst enjoying it without attaching too much expectations on the fish to solve everything in your life.Now you need to know what you want and make sure you get it.

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That said, you should have high standards but also realize that you need to have a filter where you put as many “fish” in and finally find the great catch.